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about ME

Suzanne Johnston is an abstract painter. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Suzanne has always had a passion for art which has evolved over the years. She has under taken many diverse art workshops from pottery to quilting and of course, painting. It was at one of her first workshops with renowned artist Suzanne Northcroft, that she realized that art was going to be a big part of her life.


After immersing herself in workshops, it was here that Suzanne found her passion in acrylic abstract. Suzanne is truly an uninhibited and prolific artist. She has learnt just experimenting with all the different mediums and techniques from all the workshops she has taken, to form her own unique imaginative style.

Suzanne’s approach to painting is quite varied. Sometimes she chooses a nice photograph of something familiar or emotionally moving and attempts to reproduce her view on canvas. More often, she just picks a palette and lets the paint fall where it may. Eventually the painting reveals itself to her, as if by magic, and she just goes where it takes her. She often applies gel and pumice stone or sand to the canvas before painting to give the surface texture. The shapes that emerge give her hints as to what to do next. Her paintings so far have revealed a tendency towards a mix of real and unreal objects and images, especially in her abstract paintings.


“Painting is my inner experience and my feelings, sensations, thoughts and dreams expressed in colour, texture, line space and light. It reflects the passing time and change and allows me to explore my own language in a space where I feel free. When I paint I try to share my experience through this vibration of colours”

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